About Us

Sportsindi is a social platform that focuses on bringing sports enthusiasts together. We bring together unique thinking, insight and deep understanding of how people can engage in sports. It is a community of sports lovers that celebrates the hidden sports spirit in every individual. It doesn’t matter if you played, want to play or just want to be an active part of the latest to do with sports – we’ve got something for everyone. It is also a platform that wishes to connect, nurture and support sports persons.

Many sports persons work very hard in adverse conditions and give their best to the game. Most of these efforts are rarely celebrated and often go unnoticed. While these sports persons may not attain celebrity status but they are heroes all the same. It is our aim to celebrate these unsung heroes, discover and learn from their book of experiences and tell their story to the world.

Are you such an unsung hero? Do you have a sports story to share? Or do you know someone who has strained every nerve in pursuit of their dream? Their stories deserve to be told. Send in your achievements, experiences and stories to Sportsindi. We will help you share it with the world. Your story might just be the inspiration someone is looking for.


At Sportsindi we aim at building a sports culture and community of sports lovers. Most sports persons give their best to the game and toil hard in various adverse conditions. The idea is to recognise these circumstances and set a trend in the Sports Industry which strives to anticipate the future needs of our global sportsmen and offers support and encouragement to all. Together, we can build a global community that helps sports persons achieve their dreams against all odds.


Sportsindi is on a mission to make it easier for the sports lovers to find facilities, awareness, experiences, social interaction making it easy to promote sports globally.


Sports offers us some of the greatest moments in history, and sometimes, some of the greatest moments of our lives. Probably because sport has an inherent drama, it grabs our attention and keeps us wanting for more. We all have that one favourite player, our hero. Our one favourite game. Our one favourite team. I started SportsIndi – The Online Sports Hub with an aim to connect people through sports. We all connect through entertainment, festivities and celebrations but nothing unifies the country and sometimes the globe like rooting for that one Olympic athlete or that one NFL or IPL team. At SportsIndi, sport is at the heart of everything we do. Along with my team, I have created a platform that allows players to connect with professionals. The fitness conscious to connect with fitness communities and sports enthusiasts to connect with each other. We want to create a sports community that supports, encourages and entertains everyone.

Join us on our journey to Discover the magic of sports.