Panaji (Goa): (Sportsindi reporter): Achieving his goal in the rising waves of the Arabian Sea, National Marine Swimmer Jayant Duble successfully covered a distance of 24 km on Thursday (February 4) in record time. Tomorrow, Sunday, he is ready to cover a distance of 27 km. He became the first sea swimmer to successfully cross the Arabian Sea.

National Marathon Sea Swimmer and India Book Recorder Jayant had set a target of 24 km from Chapora Fort to Aguada Fort. At 10.35 am on Thursday, he jumped in. All were Curious about how long it will take to cover this distance. Dr. Jayprakash Duble, Observer Sainath K., Expedition Director Subodh Sule and former Naval Cadet Lakshmi Parab were eye witness of Jayant’s start to finish expedition.

Former athlete and CEO of Sportsindi Supriya Badve, Santosh Barne of Silver Club, Dr.. Sambhaji Bhosale of Dolphin Club, Vijay Saha of Life Saving Federation of India specially congratulated Jayant. Jayant was felicitated by Goa Swimming Association and Chapora villagers.

Jayant, an 18 years young swimmer reached Aguada Fort at 3:25 pm. He completed the distance in 4. 50 hrs. Jayant was specially congratulated by the office bearers of the Goa Swimming Association and Youth Foundation. His father & coach Dr.Jayprakash Duble said that for this event he has received great support from The Captain of Ports Department and concerned officials of the Goa government.

Jayant started swimming at the age of five. Today, at the age of 18, the record he set was incomparable. "We have chosen the Arabian Sea as part of the 'Fit India' campaign to spread the message that everyone should learn the art of swimming and stay fit as the number of people drowning in the country is alarming," he said.

In Nagpur, his father founded the JD Sports Youth Foundation. The number of people drowning while swimming in the sea in Goa as well as in the country is increasing. The foundation is of the view that swimming skills should be encouraged for this type of safety.

Ready for the second expedition on Sunday

The next expedition will be on Sunday (February 7) at a distance of 27 km from Zuari Bridge to Mandvi Bridge. He has done his best to prepare. Swimming in the sea is tedious and challenging, said Jayant.